Sunday, October 21, 2007

Monster Wreath

So I saw this while looking for instructions on finishing the biscornu. When I saw it I had to try and make one. Looks like a muppet to me. It's a monster wreath. It should be made with fun fur, but my local Walmart didn't have any. So I ended up using eyelash fabbie, the eyes are ping pong balls with black done with a Sharpe Marker, and it's stuffed with plastic bags of all things. Mine isn't a perfect circle as I let Jeremy help cut it out, but it has it's own character. I think it still looks pretty cute. The pic is not a great pic as my good camera is in New Zealand with Bill, so I'm using Jeremy's kid digi Ok here are the instructions Monster Wreath

This is what Jeremy and I created:


Retta said...

Wow you didn't waste any time getting that together! You just showed me the instructions this morning and you've got one already. I'm so jealous. It's cute!

Stacey said...

Really it wasn't that hard lots of hot glue. I will keep my eyes out for fun fur for next year though as I think that would be even better.

Stephy said...

Wow that looks really cool hun!

Mad Dixie said...

Great Monster Wreath, lovely colour blue