Sunday, October 21, 2007

Oh I Should Blog About That

So I'm sleeping last night, and I must have been having an interesting dream, because I distinctly remember thinking. Ohhhhhh I should blog about I get up this morning, get my coffee ready and come down to the computer. Do you think I can remember what that great thing is I should blog about. Um no of course To funny hey.

Stitching News
So I finished the Biscornu last night, and will post pictures when the person receives it. It was relatively easy to finish. Next one I might finish with a stitched side, and a complementary fabric on the other side. Those instructions I posted yesterday for finishing the biscornu were excellent to follow. I also got some work done for the UFO RR. Today I'll work a little more on that, and then get the model out. Can't wait until December when I can post pics of it as it is really turning out lovely.

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