Friday, October 26, 2007

I'll Take Harry Potter for $100 Alex

So after weeks of planning and thinking Jeremy decided he wanted to be Harry Potter for Halloween. Now on his part I think that's a pretty creative decision as there are loads of totally store bought costumes Spiderman, Batman, Captain Jack Sparrow in abundance, but not many Harry Potter Robes. So yeah I did buy the robe. If they were out of robes I was prepared to make a cape like thing so does that Jeremy needed new pants anyways so now he has black ones that go with the One of the coolest things I found were the glasses he's going to wear dollar store pick of that I could remove the lenses out of. He looks great in the robes with the glasses. Or at least I think so. Jeremy has a Halloween party today at Boys and Girls club so we needed to get the costume this week.
Have I mentioned that I miss my camera :(. I also picked up a pumpkin carving kit at the dollar store that came with 4 patterns to pick from. So I thought that was worth it.

Stitching News
Plugging away on the model. Will work more on it tonight too, and then on the RR this weekend.


Mad Dixie said...

Great Harry Potter outfit, he looks fit for a halloween ball, lol

Stacey said...

Well that was the robe over jammies, but he's well on the way.