Saturday, October 20, 2007

If I'm Stupid Your an Asshole

So I'm at work the other day, and a customer comes in with two cheques. One he wants deposited, and the other he wants to cash. Now the one for cash is for like $148.87 yes I remember the exact you'll understand why in a couple of minutes. So after I deposited the one cheque I double check that he wants the .87 back. I wasn't trying to be ignorant or a smart ass. Some people don't want to bother with the change. He then starts to freak that I was double checking about the .87. Then looks at me, and says I was pretty stupid to ask that question. Um yeah okay if I'm stupid you are an asshole who lives off government assistance. How I managed to finish the transaction without throttling him is a sure miracle. I was so mad after that my hands were trembling. Like the crap I have to put up with from ignorant customers is amazing. I so hope I hear back from one of those other jobs I applied for.

Bill just left for New Zealand this morning for at least two weeks. Yes it's for work. No I'm not going with him. No I'm not mad I'm not going with him. Those are answers to questions I'm always getting. He has to go spend two weeks working on a rig. What am I going to do in a different country by myself? Would be different if he knew he'd have a few down days, but he knows he won't. To me that is not a fun vacation travel with him, and then split up at the location so he can go work.

Stitching News
Not that much exciting going on. Have to much to stitch not enough time to stitch it all Isn't that always the way. Just finished the stitching part for two Biscornus. I got the idea as well as the patterns from
The Floss Box She has really cute free patterns. I also found a neat site that seems to have good instructions for how to finish them Biscornu Instructions I also want to get a bunch done on my UFO RR that I'm in I can't believe the next mailing date is like November 4th I think. Plus the model I'm working on. Yup busy, busy, busy.


Emily said...

Do send pics when you are done for my gallery!!! ;)

Stacey said...

Oh for sure. I haven't taken any yet, but I will. I'll have to wait to post them as it's for an exchange.

Stephy said...

Look at you being all crafty!
Awesome job hun!!

Stacey said...

Stephy always have been just a side you didn't know about. Oh I'm so