Monday, October 22, 2007

I Want My Camera Back

So Bill took my (ok technically it's our) digi cam to New Zealand with him, and I miss it. Isn't that silly. It wasn't a super duper fancy camera, but it worked. More importantly I knew how to work So now I'm stuck using Jeremy's little kiddie digi cam. Which in the strict sense yes does take pictures, but there is no zoom & no flash. Wahhhh I want my camera back.

So after the making the oh so exciting Monster Wreath I was searching the same site, and came across this gorgeous wreath
Nightmare Before Christmas Wreath I think it's just lovely. I'm going to make something similar for Christmas I'm thinking. All this is, is a boa wrapped around a grapevine wreath, then roses and painted ornaments are added. I'm thinking a white boa, with red roses, and Christmas ornies or Christmas balls added. I'll have to think a little on that one.

Stitching News

I did work on the UFO RR, and feel that I got a bunch done. I totally got the mailing date wrong. For some reason I had it set in my head that we were mailing out beginning of November, but mail date isn't until mid of My piece finally made it to where it was to go. I can't believe how slow the post can be sometimes, and then others so fast. Still waiting on fabbie so that I can start the other model. I should really check if she sent it, but I don't like to be a nag or come across as a nag. I guess a more apt word would be pest instead of nag.


Stephy said...

The link didn't work :(

Stacey said...

Ok link all fixed now.