Monday, October 15, 2007

Can't I Just Stay in Bed?

That is sort of how I'm feeling today. I just want to crawl back into bed, and sleep. I guess I should be an adult, and do what I need to do today which is go to work. I want to sound like Jeremy, 'don't wanna.' Insert whining voice. Speaking of Jeremy I swear that child has my pain tolerence. Saturday night when I came home, and checked on him he woke up, and had to use the toilet. While he was up he told me his ear hurt. Ok it's like midnight I get some children's tylenol, and hot water bottle for him. I get him all set up, and he goes right back to sleep. In the morning I'm asking how he feels does his ear still hurt. He's like nope doesn't hurt. During the day he tells me his head hurts. I say where he points to the front of his head I say ok give him some more tylenol, and he lays down on his own in the afternoon, and has a nap. Now when he wakes from his nap he's telling me his ear hurts again a lot. Well it's Sunday walk-in clinics are closed. So we make our way to emerg. Turns out he has a raging ear infection not just in the ear that hurts, but both. The Dr. is amazed that both ears are not killing him, and that he spent most of the day just doing errands not complaining. Trust me I kept asking as he has a tendency to get ear infections.

Stitching News

Even though the frog spent a brief few minutes at my house I feel like I got a bunch of stuff done. Worked on the RR. That's one where you won't see your progress until you take a wip pic. Not sure why some projects are like that, but some are. I also got some work done on the model. I almost have all the outlines done for all the fills on the first page. I then have to go back, and do the fills of course lol. With blackwork I like to do one length outlines, and one length fills. Then when all the outlining is done I do one length fills, one length border. For me it works what can I say.

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Anji said...

Hope he's getting better now.
I would love to spend the day in bed surrounded by books and magazines. perhaps someone could pop in from time to time to feed me and get me hot drinks; Roll on Sunday!