Saturday, October 06, 2007

I Will Snuff You Out

So on STNA I'm one of the admins on there. I'm not sure why, but every day we are having to delete loads of potential spammers. Not sure if other message boards have the same problem or they just like us or something. Yeah a bunch of ladies that cross stitch so yeah what we are looking for on the message board is sites about xxx (no that is not x's for cross stitch), Viagra, loans or on-line gambling. Geees. Some are trying to get smart leaving off their website, but then when I search their email address it takes me to all kinds of places. Or it's a cross stitch site, and you list your hobbies as wine tasting, and racket sports. So if you are a potential spammer STNA will snuff you out each time. Don't waste your time we will delete you. Go try a different message board.

Stitching News
So it's the UFO (unfinished object) SAL (stitch a long). I pulled out Wind Swept Santa, and decided to work on him. Not even five minutes after working on him I'm like oh yeah that's why you are a UFO. The pic below looks like he's done, but I still have backstitching to do as well as beads to add, and french knots. I feel on this one the more backstitcing I do the more there is to do. Will her ever be done?

wind swept santa


Emily said...

Wind swept Santa looks great, but I understand about the back stitching and all. Less than fun sometime. :)

Stacey said...

Normally I don't mind backstitching, but this is a tri-coloured chart so I'm having to go back not only hunt and search for backstitching colours, but also french knots. For some reason this is just a PITA for me.

Emily said...

I understand the feeling! But this one will look so nice when it's done!!