Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Coughing Diva with No Coffee

The only thing so far good about today is I don't have to go to work. I slept downstairs last night so that I won't pass on this cold to Bill, and also so that I wouldn't keep him up with my coughing. OMG I swear I if I slept 2 hours last night I'd be surprised I was coughing that much. I even took cough medicine, and I'm not one to take that stuff. We had Buckley's in the house it tastes awful, and no it doesn't Took some still kept coughing. I think about 3:30 am I passed out from sheer exhaustion from just coughing, and that's when I think I slept for a couple hours woke around 5:30 am coughing some more. At that point I said forget it went upstairs, and started my morning. Two things that will make you sicker than a dog 1) work with the public, and 2) Have a child in school. I see a nice long nap in my future I can tell you that. Oh and to top it all off I went to go make some coffee for myself this morning, and out of coffee.....GRRRRR. I can't even blame anyone else as I'm the only one that drinks the crap here.

So Bill is leaving this morning for Saskatchewan for about five days, and then leaves a week from Saturday for New Zealand. Lucky dog poor baby has to go to New Zealand for at least three weeks for work. Would have been interesting to go with him, but I wouldn't see him he'd be out on the rig the entire time, and I'd be sight seeing by myself woo hoo. So I'll stay home, and probably do a cleanse of some sort.

Stitching News
Well got the first mailing of the UFO RR yesterday. She was mailing from Calgary, mailed it on Saturday, Monday was a holiday, and I got it yesterday. I was pretty surprised thinking that was pretty fast. She sent Rocky Mountain Christmas by Marty Bells. It is very pretty. Or will be when it's done. I got some stitching done on it last night, and will again today. I took a pic as it arrived.

rocky mountain christmas

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Emily said...

Hope you feel better soon!